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Organic White Beeswax Pellets (1 lb.)


Add structure and firmness to DIY health and beauty products!

  • Bleached naturally by sunlight, air, and moisture exposure.
  • Filtered to remove natural debris.
  • Retains natural honey scent.
  • For use in lip balms, massage sticks, creams, lotions, and soaps.
  • Food-grade quality.

Beeswax is created by bees for building and capping honeycombs. The yellow color and natural debris have been removed to make refined white pellets. The honey-scented wax is great for adding structure and firmness to many natural cosmetics and other beauty items. Beeswax also makes beautiful natural candles. This premium wax was made by bees that collecting nectar from unsprayed and unfertilized fields of wildflowers. Food grade.

Note: When receiving goods internationally, there may be a delay at customs for processing a shipment.

Summer shipping notice: In hot weather, the wafers may melt during shipment. Order beeswax pellets during summer at your own risk.

Contents: 16 oz. (1 lb).