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Surviving When Modern Medicine Fails, by Scott A. Johnson, ND, Revised 3rd Edition


This invaluable resource prepares you with crucial information that could potentially save your life when modern medicine collapses after a disaster.


Be prepared to survive and thrive when modern medicine fails!

Would you be able to survive during a crisis if you were cut off from vital medical treatments and prescription medications? Hundreds of thousands of people have been forced to do exactly this during the last decade struggling to outlive calamities while isolated from medical care. This valuable practical resource prepares you with crucial information that could potentially save your life when modern medicine collapses after a disaster. Using 42 essential oils in an emergency preparedness kit Scott Johnson ND provides definitive specific and easy-to-follow guidance for managing more than 460 health conditions. Whether you're new to essential oils or a long-time user this book will quickly become a go-to reference for essential oils.

Objective: Educational. (Click here for information on the difference between Educational and Marketing materials.)

Publication: 2015, Revised 3rd Edition.

Pages: 256.

Binding: Softcover.

Dimensions: 6" wide x 9" tall ¾" deep.


Scott A. Johnson, ND, is the bestselling author of 8 books and more than 250 articles featured in online and print publications. He is a Doctor of Naturopathy a board certified Alternative Medical Practitioner (AMP) a Certified Clinical Master Aromatherapist (CCMA) and a Certified Professional Coach (CPC). His evidence-based approach to natural healing and his experience conducting medical research make him one of the world's leading experts on the therapeutic application of essential oils. Dr. Johnson pioneered evidence-based essential oil therapy which combines the art of ancient healing with modern science to maximize the benefits of essential oils. One area of research is the safety of essential oils and he has published internationally on the subject. He is an acclaimed international speaker and has delivered keynote presentations across North America Europe and Asia. Dr. Johnson draws on his wealth of experience and diverse educational background as he travels the globe to share the secrets of natural healing with those who seek greater well-being.

Chapter 1: Surviving and Thriving with Essential Oils
The Case for Complementary and Integrative Medicine
Essential Oils as Disaster Medicine
The Huge Advantages of Essential Oils as Natural Remedies
The Future of Aromatherapy: The Evidence-based Model
What are Essential Oils?
Essential Oil Compounds
A Brief History of Essential Oils
The Importance of Oil Purity and Authenticity
The Dangers of Synthetic or Adulterated Essential Oils
Usage and Safety Guidelines
Using Essential Oils with Children
Essential Oils and Pregnancy
Essential Oils Before and After Surgery or Medical Procedures
Epilepsy Cautions with Essential Oils
Essential Oils and the Eyes
Essential Oils and the Ears
Photosensitizing Essential Oils
Essential Oils with Thymol
Essential Oils: Kidney Transplants and Compromised Kidneys
Medical Implants and Essential Oils
Breast Implants and Essential Oils
Essential Oils: Immunosuppressive Drugs and Patients
Essential Oils During Chemotherapy and Cancer Treatment
Is it Possible to Build a Tolerance to Essential Oils?
Essential Oil Use with Medications
Possible Drug Interactions and Cautions
Topical Application
Enhancing Absorption of Essential Oils Through the Skin
Where to Apply Essential Oils
Carrier Oils
Common Carrier Oils and Bases and Their Properties/Benefits
Skin Sensitivity and Reactions to Topical Essential Oils
Ways to Avoid Sensitization
Dilution Ratios
Reversing Sensitivity
The Powerful Influence of Aromas
Inhalation: Asthma and Chronic Respiratory Disorders
Sensory Irritation During Essential Oil Inhalation or Diffusion
Oral Administration
Oral Administration and Gastrointestinal System Irritation
Essential Oils and Gastrointestinal Flora (Probiotics)
Liver Toxicity and Essential Oils–Fact or Fiction?
Compromised Livers or Liver Damage and Essential Oils Use
Oral Consumption is Reasonable Beneficial and Safe
Recommended Essential Oils
Usage Quick Reference Guide
Chapter 2: Essential Oil Therapy for Health Conditions
Using the Protocols
Foot Chart
Author Information