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Natural Essential Oil Emulsifier (15 ml)


Keeps essential oils evenly dispersed in water-based sprays.

  • 100% natural and safe for sensitive skin.
  • Concentrated for many uses.
  • Ideal for personal and household sprays.

Natural Essential Oil Emulsifier. This 100% pure root vegetable mixture forms an essential oil emulsifier (EOE) to create even consistency in essential oil and water combinations. Applications are vast, ranging from body facial and pillow sprays to heavy-oil diffusing blends. This all-natural product does not contain alcohol polysorbate or other chemicals—so it's safe for sensitive skin. Because EOE is a concentrate, the suggested ratio is 2 drops of emulsifier with 2 drops of essential oil and 1 oz. of water.

What is emulsion? Emulsion is enabling the mixture of two liquids that do not normally mix. Essential oils and water, for example, do not mix naturally. When adding essential oils to water, the mixture separates, and the essential oils float to the top. Adding an emulsifier, however, enables the droplets of essential oil to remain dispersed throughout the water.

Why should I use an emulsifier with my essential oils? Most essential oil sprays (such as body sprays, air freshener sprays, pillow sprays, perfumes, etc.) use water as a base. Because essential oils naturally separate from water, they float to the top, requiring continual shaking to disperse the oils throughout the water before spraying. Even with shaking, the oils quickly separate from the water, and each spray of the bottle may contain a different ratio of essential oil and water. Adding an emulsifier allows the essential oil to be dispersed equally throughout the water in your spray. This allows each spray from the bottle to contain the same ratio of essential oils and water, ensuring that the intended benefits of the essential oils are the same.

Volume: 15 ml.

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