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4 ml Clear Glass Roll-On Vials with Black Caps (Pack of 6)


Share generous samples of diluted essential oils and blends.

  • Stainless steel roller.
  • Clear glass for easily diluting oils.
  • Compact for travel.
  • Holds 4 ml (~1 tsp.) liquid.
  • Best with 1:1 ratio of essential and carrier oils.

These roll-on sample vials are sweet for sharing and applying essential oils, blends, and massage mixtures! They fit nicely in a purse, briefcase, or pocket. Vials come with durable metal roller balls and smooth black caps. (Roll-on fitments work best if the essentials oils are diluted with at least an equal amount of carrier oil.)

Contents: 6 clear glass vials with metal roller fitments and black caps.

Volume: 4 ml (~1 tsp.).Container Size Comparison Chart

Dimensions: 3¼" tall x ½" diameter.