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Car Vent Diffuser


Diffuse straight from an essential oil vial to freshen your car with healthy, natural scents.

  • Control scent strength with slide of a button.
  • Fits both vertical and horizontal car vents.
  • Includes extra wicks and bottle plug.

Replace detrimental chemicals in commercial car fresheners with beneficial essential oils. Easy to use with any standard essential oil vial. No messy pouring of oils or water.

Contents: 1 diffuser and 4 wicks.

Click here for more refill wicks.

Diffusion: Evaporative.


  1. Insert a wick into a vial of essential oil.
  2. Seal with the plug.
  3. Slide the bottle into the diffuser.
  4. Clip the diffuser onto a air vent.
  5. Control scent intensity by sliding the button along the top.