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dōTERRA® Branded 1/6 dram Sample Case (Holds 12 Vials)


Perfect for travel trade shows home presentations—any time and place you want small amounts of oils with you!


This compact zippered case is perfect for travel trade shows or home presentations–anytime you want to carry oil samples with you! It neatly holds 12 of our smallest ⅛ dram sample vials. Transparent plastic bands keep the vials securely in place while showing labels. A clear card pocket on the outside holds your business cards or essential oil sample cards. The dōTERRA® logo appears on the opposite side.

Contents: 1 dōTERRA® branded sample case. (Oil vials and cards not included).

Features: Holds 12 vials ⅙ dram in size.

Dimensions: 3" tall x 4¼" wide x ½" deep.