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Waterproof Shower Diffuser


Create a therapeutic shower spa at home!

  • Waterproof housing and adhesive mount.
  • Direct attachment for standard vials.
  • Separate control switches for each oil.
  • Nebulizer for undiluted, ultrafine mist.
  • Auto shut-off after 8 minutes.
  • No cleaning needed.

Create your own personal spa at home by diffusing essential oils in the shower! This waterproof nebulizing diffuser allows you to powerfully diffuse an ultrafine mist of essential oil directly from the bottles! Its built-in timer helps conserve how much essential oils you use by automatically switching off after 8 minutes. It also has 2 output dials to help control airflow. The diffuser includes a wall dock that sticks to almost any wall or surface. What are you waiting for? Use essential oils to create your own personal oasis and enjoy your alone time!

Contents: 1 shower diffuser, 1 wall mount, 2 bottle seals, 4 wicks, and 1 instruction manual. (Essential oils not included.)

Diffusion: Nebulizing.


  • Insert 3 AA batteries.
  • Place wall mount on clean, dry surface.
  • Slide diffuser onto wall mount and lock into place.
  • Remove orifice reducer from essential oil vial, replace with included wick and seal, and twist them in the diffuser until they lock into place.
  • Insert oil vials into diffuser and turn on.

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