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Dr. Me (Essential Oil Condition Guide), 2015, 3rd Edition


From decades of research and practical use.

  • Basics of using essential oils.
  • Alphabetized entries for 200 health conditions.
  • Cleaning and sanitation section.
  • Generic oils and products.
  • Companion to "Essential Oils 101" quick guide.

In a simple, alphabetical format, Dr. Me explains the basics of using essential oils and recommends generic products for over 50 health conditions. A separate section details how essential oils can be used for cleaning and sanitation for home and travel. With a quick visual recommendation system and easy-to-follow directions, this guidebook is certain to become a favorite family reference!

Dr. Mecompiles information from decades of research and practical use with essential oils. This wealth of experience has blessed countless lives and is now yours to use and share.

Objective: Educational. (Click here for information on the difference between Educational and Marketing materials.)

Publication: April 2015, 3rd Edition.

Pages: 62.

Dimensions: 5" wide x 7" tall x ¼" deep.

Note: "Essential Oils 101" is a portable, condensed version of Dr. Me that is also available in bulk at a discount.