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Organic, Refined Cocoa Butter Wafers (16 oz.)


A convenient way to add cocoa butter to DIY skin care creations!

  • Adds texture to soaps, lotions, creams.
  • Natural chocolate aroma.
  • Less mess than measuring from tubs.

Cocoa butter—solid at room temperature—is a great way to thicken and add texture to soaps, lotions, creams, and other skin-care creations. Extracted from dried cocoa beans, these wafers enhance products with a wonderful chocolate aroma while naturally moisturizing the skin.

Contents:16 oz. (2 c.).

Summer Shipping Notice: In hot weather, the wafers may melt during shipment. Order cocoa butter wafers during the summer at your own risk.

Note: When receiving goods internationally, there may be a delay at customs for processing a shipment.