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8 oz. Amber Glass Bottle with Black Cap


Store larger amounts of essential oil blends, sprays, carrier oils, massage oils, and other liquids.

  • Safe material for all EO products.
  • Standard size for many DIY recipes.
  • Ideal for classes, gifts, daily use.
  • Holds 8 oz., or 1 c., liquid.
  • Amber glass color filters UV rays.
  • Transparent bottle shows content level.

This 8 oz. (1 c.) amber glass bottle holds larger amounts of essential oil sprays and other liquids. The dark amber color helps protect contents from damaging UV light.

Contents: 1 amber glass bottle and 1 black cap.

Volume: 8 oz., or 1 c. (240 ml). Container Size Comparison Chart

Neck: 28-400.

Dimensions: 5½" tall x 2¼" diameter.