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1/4 dram Amber Glass Vials, Orifice Reducers, and Black Caps (Box of 144)


Ideal for introductory samples of essential oils—just enough for someone to experience the benefits. Save big by buying in bulk!

  • 1/4 dram holds 18–25 drops.
  • Orifice reducer releases oil by drops.
  • Amber color protects oils from UV light.
  • Handy for travel or first aid kits.

These tiny vials are perfect for introductory samples of essential oils—just enough for a potential customer to fully experience. This box of vials is an economical way to give out many samples at meetings and trade shows. The amber color helps protect contents from damaging ultraviolet light.

Contents: 144 amber glass vials with orifice reducers and black caps.

Volume: ¼ dram, or 18–25 drops, \depending on oil thickness.

Container Size Comparison Chart

Neck: 13-425.

  1. Simply transfer oil from another bottle. You can do this easily with a plastic pipette syringe or glass dropper. (Our 45-drop plastic pipette item #9267 works well for refilling these sample bottles because the tip fits through the orifice reducer.)
  2. Or after the oil is in the bottle place the orifice reducer in the opening and push it down until fully inserted.
  3. With the oil in and the cap on you can label the vial with our premium oil-resistant sample labels and attach sample informational card.
  4. Take up to 16 samples with you in a key chain case available in many cute colors and patterns.

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