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Synergy It's an Essential Oil Thing, by Scott A. Johnson, ND, and Joshua J. Plant, PhD


Merging ancient healing techniques and cutting-edge research top experts in their fields reveal ground-breaking discoveries.

  • Synergies of essential oils cells genes carriers medications.
  • Synergistic blends that maximize therapeutic benefits.
  • Effects of essential oils that may slow the aging process.

Merging ancient healing techniques and cutting-edge science Scott Johnson ND and Joshua Plant PhD team up to reveal groundbreaking science about essential oils–including synergistic actions with cells genes and human health. The discoveries in this book will revolutionize the understanding of essential oils unlock the unlimited potential of essential oils and increase the potential of humans to live long and healthy lives. The book also includes 45 synergistic recipes for making your own personal care therapeutic and household products with essential oils.

Exciting Topics:

  • Synergies between essential oils, cells, genes, carrier oils, and medications.
  • Tips to create synergistic essential oil blends that maximize therapeutic benefits.
  • Revolutionary testing methods that revealed the oral bioavailability of essential oils and led to the discovery of super carriers.
  • Facilitative molecules found within essential oils that help heal protect and guide cells.
  • Patented technology that shows the penetration rate and localization of essential oils in cells and how these interactions influence cellular behavior and function.
  • How essential oils influence genetic expression and therefore human health.
  • The 6 zones of essential oils classified by influence on epigeneticsheritable genetic expressions not involving DNA sequencing.
  • The effect of essential oils on telomere length in chromosomes and how this may slow the aging process.

Objective: Educational. (Click here for information on the difference between Educational and Marketing materials.)

Publication: 2015.

Pages: 123.

Binding: Softcover.

Dimensions: 6" wide x 9" tall x ⅓" deep.


Scott A. Johnson, ND, is the bestselling author of 8 books and more than 250 articles featured in online and print publications. Besides having a doctorate in naturopathy he is a board certified Alternative Medical Practitioner (AMP) a Certified Clinical Master Aromatherapist (CCMA) and a Certified Professional Coach (CPC). Dr. Johnson's evidence-based approach to natural healing and his experience conducting medical research make him one of the world's leading experts on the therapeutic application of essential oils. He pioneered evidence-based essential oil therapy which combines the art of ancient healing with modern science to maximize the benefits of essential oils. One of his research areas is the safety of essential oils and he has published internationally on the subject. He is an acclaimed international speaker and has delivered keynote presentations across North America Europe and Asia. Dr. Johnson draws on his wealth of experience and diverse educational background as he travels the globe to share the secrets of natural healing with those who seek greater wellness.

Joshua J. Plant, PhD, graduated from Harvard Medical School with a doctorate in biomedical sciences. He completed a typically 7-year program in under 4 years graduating first in his class. He has completed extensive research across numerous scientific and health institutions including the National Institutes of Health and Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Plant is one of only a handful of scientists to receive the National Institutes of Health Undergraduate Scholarship. He was also a National McNair Fellow and he achieved national recognition for his research from the American Association for the Advancement of Scientists. His study of aromatic phytocompounds has pioneered and revolutionized the essential oil industry and his work has been instrumental in advancing the therapeutic application of essential oils. Dr. Plant is an accomplished speaker who has been invited to numerous national scientific conferences for his in-depth knowledge of the molecular mechanics of the human body.


Chapter 1: Essential Oils and Synergism
Chapter 2: Essential Oils and Cells–Unknown Synergies Revealed
Chapter 3: Essential Oils and Genetics–The Validation of Synergies Impacting Human Health
Chapter 4: Synergistic Personal Care Items
Chapter 5: Synergistic Therapeutic Items
Chapter 6: Synergistic Household Items