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Frankincense: Essential Oil Library, Volume 1, 2010, by David Hill, DC


David Hill, DC, journeys through the history production and science of frankincense, one of nature's greatest gifts.

  • History, production, and science.
  • Ancient and modern uses.
  • Researched for cancer, inflammation, brain function, skin and hair health, respiratory conditions, and more!

Widely used in antiquity, frankincense is also one of the most studied essential oils in modern times. Discover why frankincense oil—with its unique chemical constituents—is hailed by researchers for the ability to help with many and varied health conditions.

Objective: Educational. (Click here for information on the difference between Educational and Marketing materials.)

Pages: 107.

Dimensions: 8½" tall x 5½" wide x ¼" deep.


David Hill, DC, is recognized in the field of integrative medicine and as an expert in the medical use of essential oils. He is Chief Medical Officer of dōTERRA®International LLC. He devotes his time to extensive research and practice in integrative medicine health care models incorporating the use of essential oils for disease management in primary care.

Dr. Hill has current affiliations with many international health care institutions and universities, where he frequently lectures about the health benefits and medical uses of essential oils. He further consults with many prestigious hospitals on ways to integrate essential oils into modern medical practice. He serves as an active board member of several colleges and was a past member of the advisory board for the Urban Zen Initiative, an organization developed to integrate more natural approaches for health into traditional Western medicine.

A popular guest on national television and radio programs, Dr. Hill travels the globe to share his expertise on the value of essential oils and whole body systems health. He is the author of several books and manuals that provide concise relevant information to users of essential oils worldwide. Most recently, he developed the AromaTouch®Technique and AromaTouch®Hand Technique clinical approaches to essential oil application.