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Essential Educators Mini Tear Pads (Set of 5)


A mini series of essential oil topics with usage tips, blends and recipes.

  • Application methods aromatherapy, dilution, internal, topical and cooking too!
  • Designed for individual or group presentations.
  • Sold individually too!

Cover the basics of essential oil knowledge with Essential Educators™ mini tear pads! Each tear pad introduces a specific topic and includes tips and recipes! Use these as outlines and handouts for essential oil classes as flyers for prospective customers or as informative gifts for your team! Five mini tear pads:

  • 1 "Aromatherapy" Mini Tear Pad: Discusses aromatic effects on the body mind and emotions; outlines methods of aromatherapy; and includes sample blends for diffusion and perfume.
  • 1 "Dilution" Mini Tear Pad: Reviews dilution methods common carrier oils and a dilution chart by age for roll-on vials.
  • 1 "Essential Oils and Cooking" Mini Tear Pad: Outlines the cost effectiveness convenience and health benefits of cooking with essential oils; pictures the oils most commonly used in cooking; and provides helpful guidelines on oil substitution for herbs.
  • 1 "Internal Application" Mini Tear Pad: Discusses how high-quality essential oils powerfully affect our bodies presents dmethods of internal application offers cooking tips and includes essential oil-infused recipes.
  • 1 "Topical Application" Mini Tear Pad: Explains how high quality essential oils powerfully affect our bodies presents methods of topical application; identifies calming and relaxing essential oils and includes blend recipes. 

Objective: Educational. (Click here for information on the difference between Educational and Marketing materials.)