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A Year with the Angels, Book 1, by Rebecca Loach


A treasure trove of wisdom healing energy and truth to help guide you on your path.


A Year with the Angels: 52 Messages and 13 Essential Oil Blends Channeled From the Angels to Inspire and Heal is a treasure trove of wisdom healing energy and truth to help guide you on your path. Each of the 52 messages and 13 essential oil blends will help you align your energy lift your spirits and receive insights and blessings in your daily life.

To use this book:

  • Read one passage per week for a complete year allowing the words and insights to weave through your week.
  • Open the book randomly with the intention of receiving the perfect message for the moment.
  • Read the Table of Contents and see which title pops out at you making you want to read more.

You have everything you need to accomplish all that you have set out for yourself. Allow us to hold you and carry your creations to the world. Trust that you are being guided."  The Angelic Realm

"A Year with the Angels is a transformative text that will provide you with connection inspiration and a remembering of what you came to earth to accomplish." Laura Hughes, PhD, ND

Objective: Educational. (Click here for information on the difference between Educational and Marketing materials.)

Publication: 2018.

Pages: 136.

Binding: Softcover.

Dimensions: 5½" wide x 8½" tall.


Rebecca Loach graduated from the University of Waterloo Ontario Canada with honors with a bachelor's of science degree in biochemistry. After struggling with severe health issues and anxiety for many years she felt guided toward a career in holistic nutrition and energy medicine. As a holistic nutritionist and a soulful mystic Rebecca channels the angelic realm and teaches others to connect with their higher wisdom. She lives in Waterloo, Ontario with her husband and son.


How to Use this Book–What to Expect
A Cosmic Washing: Sacred Waters Diffuser/Roller Ball Blend
Your Piece of the Puzzle
Your Creative Life: Awakened Creativity Diffuser/Roller Ball Blend
Aligning with Your Soul's Plan
You are Infinitely Supported
Creating Freedom
Higher Evolutionary Stage: Higher Evolution Diffuser/Roller Ball Blend
A Heart Pause
Become a Master of Love
Just Like You
The Forgotten Way: Sacred Devotion Diffuser/Roller Ball Blend
Space for Your Dreams
Already Yours
The Power of Your Authentic Self
The Glorious Nature of Who You Are: Creating Divine Connection
You Are Loved Always
Overcoming Fear Energy
Both Human and Divine
A Masterful Baker: Limitless Desires Diffuser/Roller Ball Blend
Fill the Banks of Energy
A Beautiful Kaleidoscope
Lay Down Your Burdens
The Paradox of Choice: Eyes Open Diffuser/Roller Ball Blend
The Enemy Within
Sparkles of Wonder
The Path Forward
Follow Your Dreams: Angel's Gift Diffuser/Roller Ball Blend
Your Light
Shadows and Light
Breath of Life
Embracing Change: Tides of Change Diffuser/Roller Ball Blend
Embracing the Grandness of It All
Daring to Live the Dream
Moving Through the Veil of Illusion
Do Not Be Afraid: Free to Be Me Diffuser/Roller Ball Blend
Give Thanks
Remember Your Power
The Recalibration of Your Energy Field
A New Portal Opens: Rest and Recalibration Diffuser/Roller Ball Blend
The Door Ahead of You
On Feeling Anxious Afraid and Uncertain
Breathe: Breath of Spirit Diffuser/Roller Ball Blend
True Love
The Energy of Forgiveness
A Time of Light and Potential: Divine Light Diffuser/Roller Ball Blend
Do Not Be Rocked By Your Fears
Just As You Are
All Is Well
The Keys to Your Dreams: Energetic Cleansing Diffuser/Roller Ball Blend
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