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6 Chart Set: Chakras, Astrological, Zodiac, Gemstone, Kid Scents, and First Aid


6 Chart Set: Chakras, Astrological, Zodiac, Gemstone, Kid Scents and First Aid.


Chakras Chart. The chakras chart is a great reference for beginners and experts alike on understanding, clearing and balancing chakras (energy centers) in the body. One side of the chart outlines basic information for understanding the 7 chakras: purpose, location, color, element, sound, crystals and associated essential oils. The other side of the chart explains clearing and balancing the chakras: underactive, balanced, overactiveand accompanying physical symptoms. Also listed are the crystals and essential oils to help bring each chakra into balance.

"Essential Oils & the Stars: An Astrological Chart." Which essential oil corresponds to your zodiac sign? Are you an innovative Aquarius or a spicy Leo? Learn about the oil's properties and uses based on the qualities you share with it.

"Essential Oils for Signs of the Zodiac" Chart. Zodiac signs play a bigger role in who a person is than you would think. Zodiac signs also contain a lot of different elements and can get a little complicated which is why this chart is perfect for someone wanting to learn the basics of their zodiac and what essential oils align best with their sign. Readers of this chart can learn the core traits of their personalities their strengths & weaknesses and which essential oils can help them be their best self-all based off their zodiac sign!

"Gemstone Properties" Chart. Gemstones combined with essential oils can help improve well-being, and promote energy and healing. Inherent energies of different stones offer various metaphysical and physical benefits. This chart details out historical facts, uses physical attributes, inherent energies and chakras for each of the following gemstones: Amethyst, Brecciated Jasper, Carnelian, Crystal, Green Aventurine, Hermatite, Rainbow Fluorite, Red Aventurine, Red Leopard Jasper, Rose Quartz, Sodalite and Tiger's Eye.

"Kid Scents Essential Oil Recipes" Chart. From diaper rash to chicken pox, from bruises to nosebleed, you'll find essential oil applications to help with 30 common childhood conditions. This handy chart also includes diffuser blend recipes to provide aromatherapy support for growing children throughout the day.

"Essential Oils For First Aid" Oil Reference Card. Have your little ones ever come to you with a cut, scrape, blister, bite sting or sunburn; and in the heat of the moment you can't remember which oil to turn to? This card is the perfect solution! Keep a copy of this card in your first aid kit and you'll be prepared to quickly handle any minor emergency!