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Essential Oil Presentation Case


Carry and display your essential oils, aromatherapy tools, and marketing materials in this sleek and trendy presentation case.

  • Multi-zippered bag inverts to display contents.
  • Mesh compartments secure 27 vials, 5–30 ml size.
  • Inside pockets sized for carrier oils and various containers.
  • Outside pockets separate a hardboundModern Essentials, marketing materials, pens, and a water bottle.
  • Easy transport with dual handles and adjustable shoulder strap.

This stylish, professional case is a versatile way to carry and display your essential oils, aromatherapy tools, and marketing material–for meetings, trade shows, and anywhere else!

Contents:1 black presentation case with adjustable shoulder strap.(Bottles and printed materials not included.)

Dimensions:13" tall x 17" wide x 4½" deep.


  • Reversible zipper design allows inverting the bag to present its contents.
  • Inside mesh slots store up to 27 vials (5–30 ml in size) for easily identifying oils.
  • 8 inside pockets hold carrier oils, spray bottles, capsules, marketing materials, and more.
  • Inside flap secures business and sample cards.
  • Outside pockets accommodate aModern Essentialsbook, marketing materials, pens, and water bottle.
  • Dual handles and an adjustable, removable shoulder strap make transportation easy.
  • AromaTools®logo lightly engraved on the outside back corner of the bag.