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Essential Oils for Addiction: Holistic Tools for Working the 12 Steps, by Kim Ureta


This book teaches how to use essential oils to offer support for those working through addictions.


This book Essential Oils for Addiction offers support and covers the following topics:

  • Withdrawal relief protocol.
  • 12 Step workbook pages.
  • Essential oil education for processing emotions and physical symptoms.
  • Learn the art of experiencing your emotions in meditation and movement.
  • Breathing techniques for connecting back to yourself and your higher power.
  • Journaling to release the energy from your thoughts onto paper.
  • Free online resources.

"One thing to remember, that addiction, all of them, stem from trauma, the feat of pain, and the inability to feel our feelings safely. By working a program, you will recover the lost parts of yourself, the part that could be in the present moment and feel joy. Your love for life will increase and feel more connected to your spirituality. You will gain the ability to feel your full spectrum of emotions, and interpret their meanings into life lessons." —Kim Ureta, Recovery Wellness Coach

Publication: 2022.

Pages: 79.


My Story
How To Use Essential Oils For Addiction
Withdrawal Relief Symptom Support
Quick Reference—Essential Oils and The 12 Steps
1st Step Prayer
Resources for Feeling Your Feelings Safely
2nd Step Prayer
3rd Step Prayer
4th Step Prayer
Step 4—Continued
5th Step Prayer
6th Step Prayer
7th Step Prayer
8th Step Prayer
9th Step Prayer
10th Step Prayer
11th Step Prayer
12th Step Prayer