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"Stress Relief" Tear Pad (50 Sheets)


Host a class on essential oils and natural supplements that help manage stress!

  • Overview of essential oils.
  • Basic application methods.
  • Mood-enhancing oils.
  • Healthy gut supplements.
  • Overall nutritional products.
  • 10 steps to manage stress.

"Your body doesn't distinguish one kind of stress from another. . . . When you can alleviate stress in your body you help to support your body's normal functions."

This timely handout describes how essential oils can help you manage your stress levels. After a discussion on the basic why and how of essential oils the front of the sheet describes a number of dōTERRA® oils and blends that address sources of emotional and physical stress—including mood, immune system, and metabolism.

The back of the sheet presents oil-inspired supplements that can help with cleansing and digestion along with those that nutritionally support wellness in general. Ten steps to manage stress round out the information.

So don't stress about compiling and printing notes; just give one of these handouts to your prospects or class participants. The tear pad keeps sheets neat and tidy together.

Objective: Marketing.(Click here for information on the difference between Educational and Marketing materials.)

Contents: 50 double-sided sheets.

Dimensions: 8½" wide x 11" tall (¼" deep pad).