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FanFuser™ with 2 Pads


Diffuse your oils with this powerful evaporative diffuser.

  • Easy operation in a wall outlet.
  • No heat, water, or cleaning.
  • Works with any oil thickness.

The powerfulFanFuser™ is easy to use! Simply put your favorite essential oil or blend on the pad, plug the diffuser into any standard wall outlet, and flip the switch. You will be surrounded with a gentle breeze that carries aroma throughout the room in seconds. Works well with oils of any thickness since the oil pad does not contact moving parts. Heat-free diffusion.

Note: For U.S. standard power supply only (110-Volt AC, 60-Hertz); otherwise, a power converter may be used.

Contents: 1 FanFuser diffuser and 2 fragrance pads.

Diffusion: Evaporative.

Dimensions 6" tall x 5¼" diameter.


  • Operates quietly and safely.
  • Runs on 2 speed settings.
  • Requires no cleaning—just easily change pads.
  • Diffuses heat-free with fan.
  • Accommodates oils of any thickness (20–80 drops or 1–4 ml).
  • Produces .75–1.3 ml output every 15 minutes.

Note: We do not currently carry replacement pads for the FanFuser diffuser.

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