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Essential Oil Games

Essential Oil Games

These games are a fun way to spice up an aromatherapy house party or class, and are a great way to teach people some of the great benefits of essential oils. Feel free to be creative and come up with your own rules to these games, or create a totally new game of your own.

Essential Oil Bingo

  1. Create game boards (5 squares by 5 squares) that contain the name of an essential oil in each square. Be sure to create enough game boards for each person that will be attending, and make sure that no two game boards are the same.
  2. Prepare small cards or slips of paper that each have a name of one of the oils that are on the game boards. Be sure to create a card or slip of paper for each oil that you used on the game boards.
  3. At the party or class, pass out a gameboard and enough markers (buttons, beans, plastic discs, etc.) to cover each square to each person.
  4. Randomly draw one of the small cards or slips of paper with the essential oil name on it and call out the name of that oil.
  5. While people are looking to see if their gameboard has a square with that oil on it, share some information about that oil or pass out a sample of that oil for people to smell (it is helpful to have the information either on the card or slip of paper that you drew, or written on another paper to help remind you of what to share).
  6. If someone gets 5 squares in a row covered, have them yell out "Bingo". The first person who calls out "Bingo" wins! Pass out prizes of samples to the winner(s) if desired.

Essential Oil Matching Game

  1. Prepare 5-10 small samples of different essential oils by placing a few drops of each oil into a small sample vial.
  2. For each oil that you used, prepare a small card that gives some of the uses or information about that oil.
  3. Place each oil and card in a separate envelope. Close the envelopes, but do not seal them.
  4. Before the class or party begins, shuffle the envelopes and arrange them in an orderly pattern on a table, or attach them to a wall with tape.
  5. Allow the guests to take turns choosing two envelopes to try to make a match of the oil and the information card that goes with it. If it matches, let everyone smell the oil as you share any additional information about that oil that you desire. If you want to, let the person that found the match keep the oil sample and information card. If they do not match, return the envelopes to the table (or wall), and let the next guest try to find a match.
  6. If desired, pass out a prize to the person with the most matches.

Name That Aroma Game

  1. Prepare small samples of 5-10 oils that people could reasonably guess the aroma of (i.e., peppermint, lemon, lavender, pine, etc.). Mark each sample with a different number.
  2. Prepare sheets of paper for each guests that have clues or information that matches each oil that you have created a sample for. Number each clue with the number on the oil sample that matches that clue.
  3. After the guests arrive, pass out one of the prepared sheets and a pencil to each guest. Allow them to smell each oil, and try to guess what that oil is. Have them write their guesses on the clue sheets.
  4. After each guest has had an opportunity to smell each oil and write their guesses, go through each clue and give them the right answers. As you give the answers, share any additional information about that oil that you desire.
  5. If desired, give samples of oils or products as prizes to anyone who got all of the answers correct.

Essential Oil Sample Game

(Pictured above)

Materials Needed:

  1. 1" square tiles: These can be found at many home improvement stores. They can be ceramic, natural stone, or glass tiles, as long as you have contrasting colors. You will need 9 tiles (5 of one color; 4 of a contrasting color) to make up the playing squares for the game. The squares pictured above are natural stone tiles.
  2. Either a 6" square tile or a 1"x 6" board cut to 6" to make a square for the base: These can be found at many home improvement stores. You will need 1 base for each game.
  3. A 6" square of felt or foam: Found at most fabric stores, this will be used to help cushion the game-board base.
  4. 5/8 dram amber vials: You will need one package of 5/8 dram amber sample vials with black lids and one package of 5/8 dram amber sample vials with white lids for this game (each package will make two games).
  5. Sample Labels (optional): These oil-resistant sample labels are perfect for labeling your essential oil samples. 
  6. Sample Card Assortment or Modern Essentials Reference Card (optional): These cards are the perfect companion for this game to let the recipient know some of the many ways that the oils can be used.
  7. Essential Oils: Any combination of oils can be used, but this game works perfectly with the Family Physician kit as an introduction to the oils.


  1. Using a glue appropriate to the materials being used, glue the nine 1" tiles in a checkerboard pattern in the center of the 6" base. If using a wood base, you can also drill five 9/16"or 5/8" diameter holes evenly spaced along each of 2 opposite sides of the playing board, only drilling about halfway into the wood. This will create slots to hold each oil-sample playing piece when not in use.
  2. Glue the 6" square piece of felt or foam to the bottom of the base (this will help prevent the game board from scratching the surface it is placed on).
  3. Fill 10 sample vials with your desired oils, and label them accordingly. Place the orifice reducer in each vial, and cap five of the vials with white caps and five of them with black caps.
  4. Place these 10 samples in a plastic or cloth bag (or in the slots along the side of the playing board if you made them). Box and wrap the playing board and oil samples along with the sample cards or a Modern Essentials Reference Card.
  5. To play the game, take turns with a partner placing one of your playing pieces on one square on the board. The first person with three pieces in a row (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally), wins the game.

Extra Ideas:

  1. This game is a lot of fun to use as a centerpiece at an essential oil party or other meeting! Give individuals time to play the game as people are gathering; then allow them to smell and use the oils to gain their own experiences with them as you share more information about their benefits and how they have helped you and others you know.
  2. An alternate way to play is to assign each person a color; then take turns drawing a Sample Card and placing the oil sample that matches that card on the board in an effort to get three-in-a-row of your color or to prevent the other player from making three-in-a-row with his or her color.