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The easy way to take pills for adults and children!

  • Works like an ordinary drinking straw.
  • Sucking action draws the pill or capsule into the throat.
  • Minimizes aftertaste and eliminate gag reflex.

Some 40% of American adults have difficulty swallowing tablets or capsules. This innovative design changes the once-challenging task of taking pills into a simple and anxiety-free experience! Tested extensively in health care environments and household settings. Safe for both adults and children.

Contents: 1 Medi+Straw®with storage case.


  • Put water or other drinking liquid in a cup or glass.
  • Put one end of the Medi+Straw® in the liquid.
  • Place the pill or capsule on top of the other end.
  • Suck on the Medi+Straw® as you would to drink from any straw.
  • The sucking action triggers the swallow reflex and overrides the gag reflex, pulling the pill direction into the throat.