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Deluxe Aromatherapy Inhaler


A fashionable way to take your favorite aroma wherever you go!

  • Looks like a lipstick container.
  • Slips easily into a pocket or purse.
  • Sleek, simple design for sharing aromas.

This sleek, little inhaler is a convenient way to take your favorite oil aroma wherever you go! Slip it in your pocket or purse to use as discreetly as you would a chap stick or lipstick. On the other hand, the inhaler's simple design and stylish shape make it suitable for sharing aroma with others.

Contents:1 inhaler, 1 wick, and 1 plastic pipette.(Essential oil not included.)

Dimensions:4" length x ¾" diameter.

  1. To add oil, first remove the cap of the inhaler (short end of the case). Fill the pipette with 5–15 drops of any essential oil or oil blend. Insert the pipette into the center hole in the gold-tone dispenser; squeeze the oil onto the cotton wick inside. Replace the cap.
  2. To use, remove the cap, place the dispenser near your nostrils, and inhale. Replace the cap when not in use. Add more of the same oil as needed for continued use.
  3. Be sure to order a set of extra wicks so that you can use different oils in the inhaler.
  4. You can change wicks by twisting open the base of the case from the gold-tone dispenser and unscrewing the glass vial from the gold lid.