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Essential Bags Large Carrying Case (Holds 30 Vials)


This sturdy upright case separately pads and protects 30 vials (5--15 ml size). Ideal for travel.


This padded quilted carrying case holds up to 30 vials (5 10 15 or 30 ml sizes). It has padded cloth dividers to protect each vial and a pocket on the bottom for extra labels or marketing materials. A handle on top keeps your oils upright during transport. This case also holds our ½ oz. plastic dropper bottles–great for carrying fractionated coconut oil.

Features: Holds 30 vials, 5–15 ml in size or 25 vials 30 ml in size. Also holds ½ oz. plastic dropper bottles. (Interior colors may vary.)

Dimensions: 7" wide x 7" deep.