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8 oz. Amber Glass Bottle with Black Trigger Sprayer


A generous size for everyday use.

  • Ideal for household cleaners and fresheners.
  • Suitable for solutions of all essential oils.
  • Spray, stream, or lock adjustments.
  • Amber color filters UV rays.
  • Holds 8 oz., or 1 c., liquid.
  • Transparent bottle shows content level.

This 8 oz. (1 c.) amber glass bottle can hold larger essential oil spray recipes and other liquids. The dark color helps protect contents from damaging UV light. The trigger spray top features an easy-to-use mechanism found on many commercial household cleaners. It also has a child-proof locking nozzle. The tube can be trimmed with scissors or bent in the bottle as needed.

Note: Because some essential oils could clog the spraying mechanism these spray tops are not guaranteed when used with essential oils. However many customers find that trigger sprayers work better than fine-mist pump sprayers.

Contents: 1 amber glass bottle and 1 black trigger spray top.

Volume: 8 oz., or 1 c. (240 ml). Container Size Comparison Chart

Neck: 28-400.

Dimensions: 7¼" tall (with sprayer) x 2¼" diameter.

  1. Before using, cut the bottom of the tube in the spray top to about 1/16" above the inside bottom of the bottle. For best results, cut at a 45° angle.
  2. To lock the child-proof mechanism, twist the front of the spray nozzle until the wordOFFis at the top. Reverse to unlock.
  3. If the sprayer mechanism becomes clogged or the trigger becomes stiff, remove the entire top from the bottle. Place the bottom of the tube in warm, soapy water. Squeeze the trigger a few times until the soapy water comes through. Allow the tube to soak for 5 minutes. Then put the sprayer in warm, clear water and squeeze the trigger several times to rinse. Remove from the water and continue spraying until the tube is empty.