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Multi-size Bottle Carrying Case (Holds 91 Vials)


A customizable case for oil vials of all sizes—also makes room for tools and accessories.

  • Great for class display or oil storage.
  • Separate compartments for 5 and 15 ml essential oil vials and sample vials.
  • Additional pockets for marketing materials, pamphlets, or booklets.
  • Removable foam insert to hold class materials and accessories instead.
  • Removable, adjustable shoulder strap.

This versatile, compact aromatherapy case stores 91 essential oil vials in various sizes. Or the removable foam inserts allow you to customize what you carry.

The case comes with 3 zippered compartments. One outer area has 12 individual mesh holders: 6 for 5 ml vials; 6 for 15 ml vials. The other side sports a sleeve containing a foam insert for 49 sample vials in ¼ or 5/8 dram size. Additional pockets in these areas keep printed materials and CDs or DVDs away from the oils. Finally, the center space features a foam insert that holds 30 vials of 15 ml size.

By removing the center foam, you can fit many other tools and accessories—such as up to 3 carrier oils in 8 oz. bottles. Never has so much stuff fit in so little space. Configure it to suit your needs.

Contents: 1 case with a detachable adjustable shoulder strap and 2 inserts. (Oil vials not included.)

Dimensions: 8½" tall x 7½" wide x 4½" deep.

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