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Chakra Wellness Made Simple, by Connie Boucher, LMT, and Susan Lawton, PhD


Learn how to balance chakras using essential oils and living a supportive lifestyle.

  • Introduction to energy, auras, and chakras.
  • Oils, crystals, and yoga poses for each chakra.
  • Physical, emotional, and spiritual practices.
  • Discovering unique attributes and purpose.

InChakra Wellness Made Simple, Connie Boucher, LMT discusses the basics of chakras and how they influence our everyday lives. She explains that the ideal is to have our chakras balanced, open, and freely spinning in clockwise motion—yet our hectic lives promote unbalanced, closed, and stagnated chakras. This book is a reference guide that inspires people to take care of themselves, discover the power of chakras, and live a more fulfilling life. Connie's practical knowledge comes from massage therapy training and many years of massage practice.

Publication: 2014.

Pages: 210.

Binding:Softcover with coil.

Dimensions: 6½ wide x 9" tall.


Connie Boucher, LMT is a holistic health coach, massage therapist, self-help author, owner of Super Simple Wellness, wife, mother, and grandmother. Her unique insights and life perspective come from many years of massage therapy, natural healing, real-life experience, and a wholehearted desire to improve herself and her surroundings.

Susan Lawton, PhD holds doctoral degrees in both clinical psychology and biochemistry and has over 40 years of clinical experience.

Energy Basics
Chakra Facts
Meet the Chakras
Root Chakra
Sacral Chakra
Heart Chakra
Throat Chakra
Third Eye Chakra
Crown Chakra
How to Balance Chakras with Oils
Connie's Way
Laura's Way
Terri's Way
To Sum Up Chakra Balancing
Empowering Words
Essential Oils
The Bottom Line for Chakra Balancing
Just So You Know
Supportive Lifestyle Habits
Pray and Meditate
Eat Same Color As" Plant Foods
Drink Enough Pure Water
Get Enough Sleep During the Night Time
Exercise and Practice Yoga
Manage Your Emotions Wisely
Get a Daily Dose of Fresh Air and Sunshine
Essential Oils
Use Chemical-Free Products
Listen to High Vibrational Music
Get Charged and Grounded with Stones
Live on Purpose
Turn on Your Lighthouse and Shine!
You Were Born to Shine!
What Fills Your Bucket?
Shine Mediation