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15 ml Blue Glass Vials with Dropper Caps (Pack of 6)


A beautiful blue vial becomes a convenient dropper bottle!
  • Greater control of essential and carrier oils.
  • Ideal for blending and diluting.
  • Easy cleaning of 2-piece bulb assembly.

These beautiful blue glass vials are the ultimate in safely storing and using any essential oil or blend. The dark cobalt color provides maximum protection from damaging UV rays, while the glass dropper allows you to control how much oil you are applying or adding to a blend. The droppers also making filling capsules a snap.

Note: To prevent deterioration of the rubber bulb, it is recommended that the bottle be stored in an upright position and that the dropper cap be replaced by a regular cap when the dropper is not being used.

Contents: 6 blue glass bottles and 6 preassembled dropper caps (glass pipette, rubber bulb, and plastic cap).

Volume: 15 ml (1 Tbsp., or ~½ fl. oz.)Container Size Comparison Chart

Neck: 18-415.

  1. Simply squeeze and release the rubber bulb to draw liquid up into the glass pipette. Then gently squeeze the rubber bulb to apply the liquid one drop at a time.
  2. Transfer oil from another bottle using a plastic pipette syringe or glass dropper.
  3. Once all the bottle is filled and the dropper in place, you can mark the contents with blank labels that you customize and print yourself:

    1302 - Blank White Labels

    1303 - Blank Clear Labels
    1301 - Blank White Moisture Resistant Polyester Labels (for laser printers)
    1305 - Blank White Moisture Resistant Vinyl Labels (for inkjet printers)