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Adapta-Cap Size B Bottle Adapter (20 mm)


Easily dispense essential oils!

  • Helpful when making blends, filling capsules, creating samples, and transferring liquids.
  • Compatible with bottles that have a 20-400 or 20-410 neck.
  • Use with a straight-tip syringe.
  • Made from high-quality LDPE plastic.

This Adapta-Cap™ makes it simple to dispense essential oils when making blends, filling capsules, creating samples, or simply transferring liquid from one bottle to another. Fits our 1 and 2 oz. glass bottles or any other bottle with a 20-400 or 20-410 neck size. Also works with any of our straight-tip syringes.

Neck: 20-400 or 20-410. (To determine the right size Adapta-Cap™ for your bottle, click here.)


  1. Insert a syringe tip into the adapter hole of the cap.
  2. Tip the bottle.
  3. Draw out the amount of oil needed.

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