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Silicone Travel Carriers with 1 oz. Snap-top Bottles (Pack of 6)


Bring your homemade hand sanitizers and personal care products along in nifty carriers!

  • Protection for travel-sized, 1 oz. snap-top bottles.
  • Attaches to a beltloop, purse, or pack.
  • Inexpensive, practical gift or door prize.

Each thick, silicone sleeve protects the 1 oz. snap-top bottles from damage. A great way to carry your homemade hand sanitizers and other personal care products and start a conversation about essential oils just about anywhere.

Contents: 6 travel carriers with 1 oz. snap-top bottles.

Directions: Simply loop the strap around whatever you're attaching the carrier to, insert the end of strap into the hole, and push down to lock into place. You can tighten its hold by pulling the strap up to the next adjustment ball.