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4 ml Clear Glass Misting Spray Vials (Pack of 6)


Sweet little sample vials for DIY sprays!

  • Glass vial for solutions of all essential oils.
  • Misting sprayer for DIY personal products.
  • Convenient size for samples, purses, bags, and travel.

These tiny spray vials are sweet for sharing samples of natural perfumes, spritzes, breath sprays, body sprays, air fresheners, and more! They are also handy for a purse briefcase, or pocket. (Because some essential oils are thick and could clog the spraying mechanism, these vials cannot be guaranteed when used with vegetable or essential oils.)

Contents: 6 clear glass vials with mini white spray tops and clear acrylic hoods.

Volume: 4 ml (~1 tsp.). Container Size Comparison Chart

Dimensions: 3¼" tall x ½" diameter.

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