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MyAromaPal Bottle Tools for Orifice Reducers and Roll-on Fitments (Pack of 2)


Super-sturdy and indispensable for opening and closing vials!

  • Long design handles easily.
  • Fits 5 and 10 ml roll-on vials.
  • Fits 5, 10, and 15 ml standard vials.
  • Makes a great gift or door prize.

Save your scissors, butter knives, and fingernails with these MyAromaPal Bottle Tools! These tools help prevent damage and maintain integrity to your bottles and seals by providing a safe and easy way to make inserting or removing orifice reducers and roll-on fitments simple and quick! MyAromaPals work with these bottles: 5 and 10 ml roll-ons; and 5, 10, and 15 ml essential oil vials. Its attractive shape allows for easy and safe handling with minimal effort.

Keep your MyAromaPals close at hand by attaching them to your personal key ring or zipper pull on your essential oil travel case–ready for use anytime anywhere.

Contents: 2 MyAromaPal bottle tools.

Neck: Essential oil vials–18-415; Roll-on vials–16 mm.

Dimensions: 2¼" tall x 1½" wide.

Instructions: To insert a roll-on fitment set it on top of the vial and push it down into place with the "head" of the MyAromaPal. To remove wedge the "legs" of the MyAromaPal between the reducer or fitment and the vial and gently push forward letting the top lift out.