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1 dram Amber Glass Vials with Black Tester Caps (Pack of 6)


A generous tester bottle for blends and dilutions.

  • Convenient for on-the-spot sampling.
  • Fits our retail sales and sampling rack.
  • Useful for mixing and filling smaller samples.
  • Ideal for everyday personal use.

Are you looking for an easy, economical way to let people sample an essential oil or blend? These fantastic tester bottles may be just what you need! Each 1 dram vial features a black, screw-on dabber cap that allows clients to experience a small amount of oil before buying it. The amber color helps protect contents from damaging ultraviolet light.

Contents: 6 amber glass vials with black tester caps.

Volume:1 dram—3.7 ml, or ¾ t. (Container Size Comparison Chart.)

Neck: 13-425.

Dimensions: 1¾" tall (with cap) x ½" diameter.

  1. You can easily transfer oil from another bottle by using a syringe, plastic pipette, or glass dropper.
  2. Once the oil is transferred and the cap on, you may want to label the vial. You can use our oil-resistant pre-printed sample labels.
  3. These bottles work perfectly with our Retail Display and Sample Rack.