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"Rollerball Potions" Party-in-a-Box Kit (Serves 6)


This delightfully charming kit allows you (and 5 of your most enchanting friends) to create your own bewitching potions. For each person:

  • "Roller Bottle Blends for Everyday Use" Booklet.
  • Coordinating Oil Lock™ Labels and Lid Stickers.
  • 1/3 oz. Clear Glass Roll-on Vials with Black Caps (3).
  • AromaTools® Branded Key Chain Case.
  • Modern Essentials Reference Card, 11th Edition.

"Roller Bottle Blends for Everyday Use" Booklet.Organized for physical, mental, and emotional support, this beautiful booklet is filled with blend recipes for convenient use at home, work, or on-to-go. Includes a section for kids and summarizes the benefits of topical application and how to make a roll-on blend.

Oil Lock™ Labels and Lid Stickers for "Roller Bottle Blends for Everyday Use."Get cute, customizable labels and lid stickers for the essential oil blends featured in "Roller Bottle Blends for Everyday Use"! The colored sheet includes matching label and lid sticker sets to help you more easily identify your roll-on blends. The blank sheet has corresponding clear, oil-locking overlay stickers to protect your labels from smudging when coming in contact with oils. To use, simply write the oil blend name on the large label, stick it onto the bottle's side, and lock your label with the clear overlay sticker. It's that easy!

1/3 oz. Clear Glass Roll-on Vials with Black Caps.Glass roll-on vials are perfect for applying essential oils, blends, and massage oils directly to the skin—simply roll them on as needed! (Roll-on fitments work best when the essential oils are diluted with at least an equal amount of carrier oil.)

AromaTools®Branded Key Chain Case.This ultra-convenient, padded key chain case holds 2 standard vials (5–15 ml) or 3 roll-on vials. You can use the belt loop or carabiner (both included) to attach the case to your belt, briefcase, or purse. Perfect for travel, impromptu presentations, and personal use anywhere!

Modern Essentials Reference Card, 11th Edition.The d?TERRA® brand names are back on these introductory cards (and bookmarks) for new contacts and team members. All 2019 oils and blends are included. At-a-glance information on how apply essential oils and blends for 50 common health conditions.

What are you waiting for? Mix up some blends and keep on rollin'!

Objective: Educational. (Click here for information on the difference between Educational and Marketing materials.)


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