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Maternity Kit (Set of 4)


Maternity Kit: Essential Oils for Maternity, Maternity Chart, Blends for Birth Kit, Birth Kit Essentials.


Essential Oils for Maternity, 3rd Edition. Essential Oils from Conception to Childbirth and Beyond. Many women, midwives, aromatherapists and health practitioners have increasingly turned to essential oils to help alleviate uncomfortable physical symptoms of pregnancy and to improve emotional well-being. This book also takes a unique approach: it focuses not only on the mother and baby, but also on the fatheron his role in preparing his partner for childbirth and easing her discomforts along the way.

"Essential Oils for Maternity: Quick Reference" Chart. Coinciding with Essential Oils for Maternity, 3rd Edition, this handy Quick Reference Chart shows which essential oils can be used during pregnancy and with babies. It recommends how to dilute oils, which oils are regarded as safe to use during pregnancy and with babies and specific oils to use for common conditions.

"Essential Blends for the Birth Kit" Booklet. Like babies themselves, good things come in this small package"Essential Blends for the Birth Kit." The concise but comprehensive guide provides custom essential oil blends for prenatal to postnatal and infant care.

"Birth Kit Essentials: Your Guide to Essential Oil Use in Maternity & Beyond" Booklet. This brochure is chock-full of information on pregnancy, delivery and beyond. It addresses specific topics for early pregnancy, last trimester concerns, labor and delivery, postpartum recovery, lactation and infant care. It also includes guidelines for quality, safety precautions, herbs, essential oil dilutions, carrier oils, specific uses and building your birth kit!