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Energy Almanac: Astrological Insights and Holistic Resources for the Year Ahead (2020 Edition)


An easy-to-use guide with contributions from several metaphysical specialties.

  • Know how to make a personal plan according to the planets.
  • Use numerology gemstones and essential oils to tap into supportive energies.
  • Create a yoga workout in harmony with energies at hand.
  • Awaken your intrinsic energies to build a better year.
  • Pull out frame-ready reflection pages for at-a-glance focus reminders.

Know what is coming into your experience in 2020 and have the resources to work with it.

This Energy Almanac for 2020 is an easy-to-understand visually pleasing astrological reference guide for the year ahead and it's chock full of holistic resources too.

Use this book to:

  • Guide your weekly team meetings.
  • Align with the planetary movement and plan your month according to astrological suggestions.
  • Use the twelve months of information to create and run essential oil use classes .
  • Assist your EO customers with monthly oil choices.

The Energy Almanac is where western astrology and numerology weave together to bring you a beautifully illustrated and thoughtfully written month-by-month predictive view of the year ahead no matter what your personal sun sign is. Included is a carefully curated selection of naturally available resources that will support you in your journey through what promises to be a profound year of change.

  • Support yourself with the proper monthly essential oil gemstone yoga poses and nourishment practices as suggested by experts in their fields.
  • Learn why 2020 promises to be a foundation-building year.
  • Get guidance on which months are best for outward expression and know when to go inward for clarity.

This thoughtfully written collaboration lead by quantum lifestyle coach Tam Veilleux and supported by astrologer Janet Hickox numerologist Ann Perry gemstone enthusiast Lisa Fontanella essential oil expert Starla Perico yoga expert Penny Ellis and holistic lifestyle coach Heidi Symonds will be the one book that you keep within arm's reach for all of 2020.

Objective: Marketing. (Click here for information on the difference between Educational and Marketing materials.)

Publication: 2019.

Binding: Softcover.