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Clear Days-of-the-Week Pill Bags


Plastic replacement bags for our folding pill wallets!

  • 1 week's worth of bags.
  • Days of the week plus extra.
  • Slider enclosures.

These pill bag refills for our folding pill wallets are a handy way to organize and store your pills so you remember to take them throughout the week. The set includes 8 bags: 7 bags are labeled for the days of the week, and 1 bag is not labeled. Simply place the correct number of pills for each day in the corresponding bags.

Contents: 7 bags labeled for the days of the week and 1 unlabeled bag. (Pills not included.)

Dimensions:3½" tall x 3 ½" wide.

Note: These bags are not designed to hold capsules filled with essential oils. The essential oils will melt through the capsules and leak into the bags. However, you can place empty capsules in the bag and include the essential oils in a 1 dram dropper bottle for easy filling.

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