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1 dram Amber Glass Vials, Orifice Reducers, and White Caps (Pack of 12)


For samples of massage oils, floral waters and perfumes.

  • Orifice reducer releases by drops.
  • Amber color protects from UV light.
  • Uses standard lid and vial labels.
  • Great for travel too.

These small glass vials are great for holding small amounts and samples of essential oils, floral waters, perfumes and more. The amber color helps protect contents from damaging ultraviolet light.

Contents: 12 amber glass vials with orifice reducers and white caps.

Volume: 1 dram3.7 ml or ¾ tsp. (Container Size Comparison Chart.)

Neck: 13-425.

Dimensions: 1¾" tall (with cap) x ½" wide.