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Glasstic Water Bottle (16 oz.)


Safely put essential oils in your drinks with this glass container. A shatter-proof plastic shell protects and insulates the interior. Dishwasher safe.


The Glasstic Water Bottle features an inner glass container protected by an outer plastic shell. It's a great way to take your essential oils internally. Just fill the bottle with water add a few drops of Lemon On Guard® or Slim & Sassy® oil and drink up! The BPA-free plastic shell is not only shatterproof but also insulates your drink to keep it cool. The plastic lid lifts open easily and can lock shut. Dishwasher safe. (Notes: This bottle should be kept in an upright position when essential oils are used. Some oils can cause the waterproof seal to deteriorate. Do not fill with hot liquids.)

Volume: 16 fl. oz.

Dimensions: 10⅛" tall x 2¾" diameter.


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