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Modern Essentials Business Builder Trio, 13th Edition


Get these three amazing tools all-in-one!


"Introduction to Modern Essentials" Booklet, 13th Edition. This essential reference booklet is packed with information but small enough to carry in your pocket! An ideal way to introduce essential oils to others. Contents: introductory information over 60 common essential oils and their uses easy do-it-yourself recipes and a personal usage guide listing over 250 health conditions with recommended oils and blends. New 2021 oils are included with blends listed by dōTERRA® brand names. A must-have resource!

"Modern Essentials: Simple Solutions" Booklet, 13th Edition. This handy essential reference booklet is packed with easy solutions for everyday conditions-and it's small enough to fit in your pocket or purse! After an introduction to essential oils and how they support the body "Simple Solutions" features over 150 condition-specific recipes blends and tips for commonplace health conditions. The back cover includes space for your personal contact information. It's a great way to introduce essential oils!

Modern Essentials Reference Cards, 13th Edition. The dōTERRA® brand names are back on these introductory cards (and bookmarks) for new contacts and team members. All 2021 oils and blends are included. At-a-glance information on how apply essential oils and blends for 50 common health conditions. The back includes space for your personal contact information. Printed on sturdy card stock paper with UV coating to protect from water and oils.

Objective: Educational. (Click here for information on the difference between Educational and Marketing materials.)