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AromaTools Ultrasonic Personal Diffuser


This small, portable diffuser lets you disperse oils anywhere! An ultrasonic transducer transforms water and essential oils into a cool mist—preserving health benefits from the oils and humidifying at the same time.


This sleek diffuser lets you disperse essential oils anywhere! Its small, compact size fits in your pocket or purse. To diffuse, hold upright and slide open the front piece. An ultrasonic transducer transforms water and essential oil into a cool mist. This diffuser is nearly silent—merely the gentle sound of trickling water and a soft fan—so it can be used day or night without disturbing others. It also helps purify the air with negative ions.

Contents:1 personal diffuser and 1 water bottle for filling reservoir.(AAA batteries not included).



  • Portable—runs on 4 AAA batteries
  • Sleek design
  • Small, compact size
  • Controlled diffusion with sliding opener
  • Ultrasonic cold mist diffusion—no heat involved
  • Quiet operation

Dimensions:4¼" long x 2" wide x ¾" deep.


  1. Pull the top arrow lever down and fill the diffuser base with water.
  2. Add 3–5 drops of essential oil.
  3. Slide down diffuser cover for misting action.
  4. Clean exterior with a soft, damp cloth. Dip a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol to gently clean the ultrasonic disc. Fill the water tank with rubbing alcohol or vodka and operate through 3 diffusing cycles to clean internally. Regular cleaning will extend the life of the diffuser.
  5. The unit will light when diffusing. If it stops diffusing and doesn't light up, replace the batteries.

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