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"Rollerball Men" Lid Stickers (Sheet of 88)


Real men use essential oils! Use these sticker tops to identify 8 sets of the 10 roll-on blends from the "Men" Make & Take Workshop Kit. Extra blank stickers included.


These sticker tops fit the caps of your roll-on vials to quickly identify blends in the Rollerball™ "Men" Make & Take Kit! The sheet of 88 moisture-proof sticker tops includes 8 stickers for each roll-on blend and 8 blank sitckers (no sticker top for Beard Oil). Extra sticker tops are helpful if you want to hold multiple classes or give away several vials of blends as gifts.

The sticker tops adhere securely to our 10 ml roll-on vials and also fit our smaller sample metal roll-on vials. Our Roll-on Hard Shell Travel Case holds the complete set of vials perfectly!

Blends: Camouflage (Hunting Blend), Feeling Fine (Mood Blend), Gentleman (Cologne Blend), Gnarly (Foot Relief), Go Time (Sensual Blend), Play Hard (Workout Relief), Razor Sharp (Shaving Relief), Relax Man (Calming Blend), Rumble (Stomach Relief), and Sawing Logs (Snoring Blend). (No sticker top included for Beard Oil).

Contents:1 sheet of 88 assorted sticker tops (8 for each blend; 8 blank).

Dimensions:½" diameter.


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