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Small Vita Flex Foot Roller


Designed to imitate Vita Flex pressure point therapy the easy way!

  • Massage and activate reflex points.
  • Works on hands, feet, and body.
  • Use with essential oils to enhance benefits.

The Vita Flex Roller, or Relax-a-Roller, is a foot and body massager designed to imitate Vita Flex pressure point therapy.

Vita Flex is a therapy developed by Stanley Burroughs in the late 1920's. The technique is based on the principle that by activating a pressure point, another part of the body may be affected.

Any area of the body can thus be affected by the proper activation of reflex points throughout the body—concentrated on the palms of hands and bottoms of feet.

Burroughs found this to be an effective massage treatment and wanted to make it readily available to the public. So he created a foot and body massager now called the Vita Flex Roller.

Contents: 1 Small Vita Flex Foot Roller with instruction manual.

Instructions: If desired, first apply essential oils to the bottom of the foot. Then roll the foot over the Vita Flex Roller 30–60 seconds.If the feet are too sensitive at first, a tube sock can be pulled over one end of the roller.

The Relax-a-Roller can also be used elsewhere on the body, though bony areas should be cushioned with a towel. (Essential oils do not have to be used, but they do enhance the effectiveness of the roller.)