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3-Shelf Handcrafted Oak Storage and Display Rack (Holds 79 vials)


Compactly display and store your oils with this 3-shelf rack.

  • Professional-looking display for classes, booths, trade shows, office, or everyday use.
  • Separate, cut-out compartments to keep bottles in place.
  • Made from high quality oak.
  • Multiple shelves makes it easier to see all the oils.
  • Bottom two shelves slide out for easy access to oils.

Beauty, durability, and functionality combine in a 3-shelf, wooden rack that is handcrafted from solid oak. It holds 79 vials, 5–15 ml in size. The middle and lower shelves slide out for easy access to the oils. In fact, these 2 shelves are completely removable, so you can move certain oils to another working area.

Features: Holds 79 vials, 5–15 ml in size, on 3 shelves (lower 2 are movable and removable).

Dimensions: 14½" tall x 12½" wide x 8" deep.

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