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Essential Oil Hanging Ambry (Holds 40 Vials)


Organize, transport, and display your essential oils with this hanging, folding ambry.

  • 40 separate zippered pockets for EO vials.
  • 4 larger zip pockets for accessories.
  • Plastic and vinyl construction for easy cleaning.
  • Fold for transport; hang for display.


  • Individual pockets keep essential oils and other materials organized for easy access, view and transport.
  • Zippered pocket tops keep vials in place during transport so oils don't get lost.
  • Hanger top makes it simple to hang and display almost anywhere—kitchen, closet, or even on the back of a door.
  • Carrier design makes it easy to transport by either lying/hanging flat or folding up.
  • Also sold as part of the Essential Gear Carry All (#9565Set)—ambry and tote bag together.

Dimensions:12½" wide x 37½" tall x ½" deep.

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